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"A Day at the Pool" (Kiba x Akamaru x Naruto)

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Pairing: Kiba x Naruto x Akamaru

One hot summer day, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kiba were cooling of by playing in a spring not far from their houses.

"Well, you guys; I better get home." Shikamaru said.

"What's the hurry?" yelled Kiba.

"I just can't stand this heat! Not even this spring can cool me off."

"Eh! Suit yourself." exclaimed Kiba.

After Shikamaru left for home, Kiba and Naruto started to splash each other with water to cool off.

"Ya' know, it is kinda' hot out here!" Kiba finally remarked.

So he slid of his speedos and threw them on a dry boulder on the edge of the pond. He was now standing knee-deep in the pond with no clothing whatsoever. His member was large, even in its flaccid state, and Naruto couldn't look away.

"That's better!" said Kiba, smiling. He look at Naruto and saw that he was interested.

"What?" Kiba said sarcastically, "You like what you see?"

"Uh... what? Unh, no. It's just that, you're so big!" stuttered Naruto.

"Well come on Naruto, let's see yours!" cried Kiba.

So Naruto slid off his speedos, and out popped his semi-erect member, only an inch or so smaller than Kiba's.

"Pretty nice, but nothing compared to my meat!" Kiba bragged.

"Oh yeah?!!!" yelled Naruto.

"Hell yeah!" shouted Kiba.

"Prove it!" taunted Naruto, "I'll bet you couldn't..."

Kiba rushed over to Naruto and started to kiss him. Their tongues slurped the juices shared between their mouths. Then, Kiba grabbed Naruto's member and started to stroke it.

"Bet I couldn't do what?" Kiba chuckled, his voice saturated with lust.

He kept stroking Naruto, then he reached between the blond's legs and started massaging his hole. Naruto moaned in pleasure, and Kiba continue to massage the boy's insides. Kiba then flipped the boy around and inserted himself completely into Naruto. The two boys groaned in pleasure, as the dog-boy fucked the blond wildly and furiously. Kiba's thick, 10-inch cock was pumping Naruto in and out, and in and out. About a half hour later, Kiba cummed inside Naruto's ass. Then, the blond erupted his seed into the spring.

With no hesitation whatsoever, Kiba pulled himself out and flipped Naruto back so that the boy was floating on his back in the water. Then Akamaru assumed his man-beast form, and went up next to Naruto's entrance. Kiba's dog, with his 11-inch cock, immediately started pumping Naruto's ass with pure canine force. His man-beast body was slamming into Naruto with full force. Kiba, at the other end of all the action, inserted his already hard-again cock into Naruto's mouth. The blond sucked hard and Kiba let out a huge moan.

"Yes!!!" Kiba cried.

Akamaru fucked Naruto on and on--for over an hour these three enjoying the feeling of hot, steamy, boy-pumping in the cool spring. Then, Akamaru pushed himself into Naruto as far as he could go, his cock swelling to almost twice its thickness.

"AHHHHH!!!!" screamed Naruto. The feeling of Akamaru's enormous cock swelling inside his ass was pure, heavenly pleasure. Akamaru, while still fucking Naruto, took the blond's cock into his mouth and slurped hard and long on the hard stick of meat. Naruto couldn't bear the sensations any longer; he cummed into Akamaru's mouth, releasing his massive load of cum into the dog's mouth. Akamaru swallowed it in one gulp, and then cummed inside Naruto's ass. He unleashed cups of cum into the boy's body, making Naruto's insides feel like they were swelling up.

Kiba erupted into Naruto's mouth, and Naruto sucked as hard as he could, to get every last drop of cum that could be left in the dog-boy's cock. Kiba lifted Naruto up, and the blond could feel himself full of cum. Akamaru dove under the water and came up right underneath Naruto's hole. He shot his head up and probed Naruto with his extremely long and muscular dog tongue, drinking the massive amounts of cum he had deposited inside the boy himself.

"Oh!!!!" screamed Naruto, writhing in pleasure.

Akamaru, after draining the boy of cum, got up and turned his ass towards Naruto and Kiba. He barked.

"What is it boy, you want to be fucked too?" Kiba said.

Kiba and Naruto picked Akamaru up and held him in-between them. They inserted their already hard-again dicks into Akamaru's asshole. He yipped, and the two boys started to fuck Kiba's dog at the same time. Akamaru groaned in pleasure as the two boys' thick cocks were pumping in and out of his tight ass. The two boys cummed inside Akamaru, so much that Akamaru could hardly keep all the cum inside. Naruto and Kiba set Akamaru down in the water, and fingered his ass as to let all the cum seep out into the spring.

"I guess mine was the best!" shouted Kiba.

"Are you kidding?!! My meat's the clear-cut winner!" Naruto argued.

"Bark" shouted Akamaru.

All three glared at each other for a few seconds.

"Well, I guess we're going to have to do a redo!" Kiba smiled.

.....THE END.....

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