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"Hide and Seek" - Inuyasha x Koga

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Pairing: Koga x Inuyasha

Today Inuyasha had nothing to do; Kagome had gone back to her world to celebrate her birthday with her family. So he decided to take a walk through the forest. He entered the wooded area and admired the peaceful setting. It sure was a pleasant change from the hectic demon-hunting that he and Kagome do all the time. He kept walking until he heard a twig snap.

His dog ears twitched, listening for any movement. Nothing. He kept on walking and he heard it again.

"Alright, whoever you are, I know you're here!" shouted Inuyasha into the silence.

He waited a few seconds, and then kept on walking. Then, all of the sudden, Koga jumped out from the tree tops and crash-landed on Inuyasha.

"What the hell?!! KOGA!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Found ya' Inuyasha!" Koga smiled.

"Found me?! Why on earth would you have to find me!!!!?"

"I'm playing hide-and-seek, and now it's your turn to find me!"

"You idiot! Why would I want to play hide-and..." But before he could finish, Koga was already gone, hiding somewhere amongst the forest floor.

"Alright Koga," Inuyasha whispered, "I'm gonna' get you back for pouncin' on me like that!"

So he began his search for the wolf demon. He looked high and low, but couldn't find Koga anywhere.

"Damn you Koga, you're clothes blend in with the forest." Inuyasha growled.

Then, he spotted a small patch of fur in a nearby bush. He quietly krept up to it and made it out to be the fur that Koga wore around his waist all the time. Inuyasha smirked.

"Oh, you're gonna' get it Koga!" thought Inuyasha.

Inuyasha grabbed for the cloth and yanked it off. Koga immediately jumped from the bushes, bare naked, and turned towards Inuyasha.

"Why the hell did you do that!??" screamed Koga.

"You freakin' FELL on me! So I got ya' back!" laughed Inuyasha.

But then both fell silent, and Inuyasha's eyes were guided to the wolf-demon's large member. He stood, staring and it, and soon Koga started to blush.

"What are you lookin' at?!!"

"Koga, you're so big!" said Inuyasha.

Koga didn't know what to say. Had Inuyasha, his rival for years, actually said he was 'big'. His thoughts seized when he felt a tight grip on his member. Inuyasha started to stroke Koga's shaft up and down. Koga responded by pulling Inuyasha's red pants off, revealing his tight ass and rock hard erection. Inuyasha started to kiss Koga, and both of the boys closed their eyes. Then, Inuyasha took his other hand and, while still stroking Koga's cock, placed it in Koga's mouth. He sucked on Inuyasha's digits until they were covered in saliva. Inuyasha then pulled them out and placed them at Koga's entrance.

Koga moaned in pleasure. Inuyasha smirked and pushed one finger in, and started massaging his insides. Koga moaned again, louder. Inuyasha inserted two more fingers, and scissored his hole open. While still doing this, he started to push Koga backwards, up against a large tree. He slid his fingers out of Koga and stopped stroking him. Koga groaned in disappointment, but only until he was pushed up against the tree and both his legs raised above his head, then he felt something much larger at his entrance.

"Now THIS is what I call a game!" Inuyasha smiled, before plunging into Koga's tight ass.

Kiba moaned at the huge dick in his hole. At first there was pain, but then it turned into absolute bliss. Inuyasha started pumping Koga faster and faster against the tree. Harder and harder he fucked the wolf-demon; both of them groaning and screaming with pleasure. As Inuyasha approached his climax, he swelled inside Koga's ass and Koga screamed in ecstacy. Both the boys cummed, and Koga felt like he was filled to the brim. As Inuyasha pulled out, his thick white cum poured out of Koga's ass. The two looked at each other and smiled.

"We should play these games more often." said Koga.

"Yeah, but next time I'll hide, and YOU fuck... oh, I mean FIND... me." Inuyasha smiled.

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