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Koga x Inuyasha - "Hide and Seek - 2"

In the last story, we left off after Koga's little game of "Hide and Seek" with Inuyasha. Inuyasha got mad, found Koga, and well... let's just say he fucked the living daylights out of him. Don't get me wrong; Koga LOVED it. But he stills wants to get the upper hand, and he won't let Inuyasha steal it from him.


It was a scorching hot summer afternoon, and Inuyasha was sitting underneath a giant tree, trying to get some shade. Though the tree did provide a shield from the sun, he was still getting hot with all his clothes on. So he walked on over to the nearest spring and removed his clothes, folded them on a rock nearby, and emersed himself in the cool water.

"Ahhhh..." sighed Inuyasha as the cool water bathed his hot skin, "Instant relieve..."

Inuyasha closed his eyes and let the water wash over his chiseled body. Then, all of a sudden, he heard a light footstep.

"Hey! Who the hell..." Inuyasha started to yell. Until he noticed his clothes that were laying atop the rock were missing. He turned around and found Koga, swinging his garments around in his hand.

"You bastard! GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!" cried Inuyasha.

"No. Not unless you admit I'm better than you!" barked Koga.

Inuyasha just blinked. "Why the hell would I do that?!!"

"Well, if you don't want to run around fighting demons with nothin' but your dick, you'd better say it!" Koga yelled.

"NO!!" Inuyasha cried.

"Then I'll MAKE you say it!"

Koga ran towards Inuyasha, and pinned his arms to the edge of the spring before the half-demon could even move.

"I didn't forget our game of "Hide and Seek". I have to admit though," said Koga with a smile, "you have a way with your hands... and your cock."

Inuyasha blushed slightly, but still tried to break free from Koga's grip.

"Don't fight it, Inuyasha! You KNOW you want it! See... you're already hard."

Koga removed one hand from his grip on Inuyasha's wrists, and began stroking his throbbing erection.

"Uhhhh!" moaned Inuyasha.

Koga smiled and stroked the silver-haired boy from base to head and back, making sure to deliver as much pleasure as possible. Apparently it worked, as Koga released his other hand that bound Inuyasha and he didn't run away. He just stared into the wolf-boy's eyes. Koga felt Inuyasha's wish to continue, so he removed and discarded his own pelt and stood in the spring completely naked. His erection was aching; just begging to be utilized.

Koga lifted Inuyasha's legs up above his shoulders and placed his cock at Inuyasha's entrance.

"Say it." Koga uttered.

"No." Inuyasha said, with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

Koga slammed his 11-inch cock fully into Inuyasha. The dog-boy screamed with Koga's large dick in his tight, unstretched asshole. Koga smiled and withdrew, only to pound his cock back into Inuyasha. He kept this at a reasonably slow pace.

Still moving his dick in and out at a steady pace, Koga said, "Say it."

"Nnnn..." Inuyasha stuttered.

Koga quickened his pace dramatically. "What was that?"

"Ahhh..." Inuyasha was lost in the pleasure of Koga's cock in his ass.

Koga, unhappy with the results, started impaling Inuyasha as hard and fast as he could.

"AHHHH!" Inuyasha cried, completely helpless. "KOGA!!! I LOVE YOU!!"

Koga smiled and kept pumping Inuyasha harder and faster, until Inuyasha couldn't bear it any longer.

"I'm gonna' cum!!!" cried Inuyasha. He spurt his thick, white cum all over Koga's face.

Then Koga erupted into Inuyasha's ass, filling the boy with his hot, sticky cum.

Inuyasha lay panting on the edge of the spring. Koga kept staring into his eyes.

"You didn't say it." Koga said softly.

"Oh yeah?" Inuyasha said panting, "And what... are you... gonna' do about it?"

"Well, I'll just have to try again... only harder." Koga said smiling.

"Oh no..." Inuyasha groaned, as he pressed his fingers against his sore, cherry red hole.

"Oh yes..." Koga replied.