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My Own Written FanFics
Other Stories


Beast Boy x Robin - "Variety is the Spice of Life"

Renji x Ichigo - "The Shower Room"

Kiba x Naruto - "Only Splashing Water"

Inuyasha x Koga - "The Feel-Good Tree"

Kiba x Akamaru x Naruto - "A Day at the Pool"

Kiba x Shikamaru x Sasuke x Akamaru x Naruto - "Naruto's Special Birthday"

Kiba x Naruto - "The Hinode Spa Massage"

Multi-Chapter Stories:

Inuyasha x Koga - "Hide and Seek"

Koga x Inuyasha - "Hide and Seek - 2"


Renji x Byakuya x Ichigo - "Ichigo's 'Interrogation'"

Kiba x Naruto - "Happy Birthday Naruto!"

Sasuke x Naruto - "Paying for Ramen"

Sasuke x Naruto - "Forceful"

Naruto x Sasuke - "Naruto has broken his..."

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