One day, Inuyasha and Koga were walking in the forest, arguing as usual.

"Wolfs are obviously better than plain ol' dogs!" Koga exclaimed.

"Nah uh!! Wolfs are mindless; dogs are definately superior!" Inuyasha argued.

They came up to a sign that said: "1 MILE AHEAD: THE FEEL-GOOD TREE". They looked at each other, and then back at the sign.

"The 'Feel good tree'?" Inuyasha asked.

"What the hell is that?" Koga followed.

"What ever it is, let's go check it out!" Inuyasha said.

So the two demon-boys set out for the "Feel-Good Tree", only a single mile ahead of them. When they approached the tree, they stared in awe.

"Wow! It's like a huge oak tree!" cried Koga.

While the two were admiring the tree's outward appearance, and small root of the tree started to wrap around Inuyasha's ankle.

"Hey! Koga, stop touching my ankle." Inuyasha said.

"I'm not doing anything!"

The root quickly twisted around Inuyasha's entire leg and strengthened its grip, so that Inuyasha couldn't lift his leg off the ground. Inuyasha tried to rip the roots off with his claws, but soon the branches of the tree wrapped around his wrists and raised them above his head. Roots soon found their way around his other leg.

"What the hell is going on!" Inuyash cried, trying to thrash his way out of this prediciment. Koga just stood and laughed at the tied-up Inuyasha, and didn't even notice that another set of roots and branches were already starting to do the same to him. He struggled just as much, but ended up helpless like Inuyasha.

Now the two boys were held tight by the tree's grasp. Branches came down and ripped both their clothes off, revealing the large-cocks of the two demon-boys. The roots grew and massaged the boys' butt cheeks; stretching the tight ass muscles. Two thick roots suddenly emerged from the ground and thrusted into the boys' holes.

"Oh God!" both shouted.

The huge roots twisted and turned, and moved in and out of the two boys rapidly; each writhed in pleasure that the tree was giving them. Branches soon encompassed their dicks and started to stroke them from base to head. The two boys enjoyed this for an hour or two, then they reached their peaks and both cummed onto the grass beneath them. The roots exited their asses and disapeared into the ground. The branches and roots loosened their grip and let the boys move free of the tree's hold. They both walked away naked, after the tree ripped their clothes off.

Koga turned and kissed Inuyasha, having felt so passionate after there experience. They continued kissing, then Inuyasha had Koga kneel down and inserted his semi-erect cock into his mouth. "Suck" Inuyasha said, and Koga gladly complied. He sucked the silver-haired demon's long shaft and Inuyasha cummed in his mouth. He swallowed every drop. Then, Koga told Inuyasha to get down on his knees, and Koga face fucked Inuyasha long and hard, until he cummed in his mouth. Inuyasha also gulped down his reward.

The two got up and headed back the way they came.

"The 'Feel-Good Tree'?" asked Inuyasha, smiling.

"The 'Feel-Good Tree'." said Koga, smiling back.