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Kiba x Shikamaru x Sasuke x Akamaru x Naruto - "Naruto's Special Birthday"

*My own fanfic the I wrote!

Pairing: Shikamaru x Sasuke x Kiba x Akamaru x Naruto (with Naruto being the uke)
Theme: Sex

Naruto was sitting at the ramen shop one day, slurping a bowl of his favorite pork ramen. All of a sudden, Shikamaru walked up to him and sat down on the chair next to him.

"How ya' feelin' Naruto?" asked Shikamaru.

"Eh, pretty good." the blond replied.

"Nothing exciting happened yet? It IS your birthday today."

"Not really. I got a card from Sakura, and a flower from Hinata. I think she's sick or somethin'; her face was all red and blushing when she talked to me."

Shikamaru just looked bewildered at Naruto. "Baka... How could he not see that Hinata has a huge crush on him." he thought, "I guess it's for the better though. If Naruto fell in love with Hinata, then he wouldn't get his birthday gift we planned to give to him today."

"So, did YOU get me anything Shika?" Naruto asked, hoping for a 'yes'.

"Of course I did! And you're gonna' love it!"

"Really!!!?" Naruto shouted.

"Yup. I even got Sasuke and Kiba to chip in."

"The three of you got it? Oh, then it must be huge!" Naruto's face gleemed, "Ooooh! Tell me what it is! Please?!!"


"What?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"You'll just have to come and see it yourself. Besides, it's too big to move outside!"

"THAT BIG!!! WHERE IS IT?!! PLEASE, SHOW ME WHERE IT IS!" Naruto bellowed out.

"Okay, but only because it's your special day." Shikamaru agreed.

Shikamaru got up and started walking, with Naruto buzzing around him. Trying to guess what his gift is.

"Is it a TV?"


"... a lifetime supply of ramen?"


"Oh then what is it?"

"I told you, you're gonna' have to wait till we get there."

The two kept walking until they arrived at Kiba's house. Shikamaru knocked at the door, "It's me and birthday boy here!"

The door quickly opened, and there stood Kiba with a huge grin on his face.

"Hi-ya Naruto!" Kiba said.

"So it is true? Is it big?!!!" Naruto rapidly questioned.

"Oh yeah! It's one of the most coolest things I've ever seen!" Kiba smirked.

"Oh boy! Can I come in?"

"Sure! You ARE the birthday boy!" Kiba exclaimed.

Naruto rushed in and kicked off his shoes. He ran into the living room and looked around the room, trying to spot his present.

"Guys? I don't see it!" Naruto shouted.

All of a sudden, Naruto was being squeezed by a pair of strong arms. It was Kiba.

"Kiba! What the hell are you..."

Kiba covered Naruto's mouth, while gripping both of his hands. Shikamaru came into view and grabbed Naruto's feet. The blond was then lifted and dragged into Kiba's bedroom, and laid on the bed, face up. Kiba and Shikamaru quickly tied Naruto's wrists to the bed posts.

"What the hell is going on!??" Naruto screamed.

"What's goin' on is we're givin' you your birthday gift." Shikamaru answered, in a soft but "I'm still in charge" tone.

Then, out of nowhere, Sasuke appeared. He was wearing nothing but a pair of tight underwear. He came up to Naruto's head.

"Well, birthday boy? Ready for your gift?" Sasuke said in a seductive tone.

Naruto didn't know what to say. It was like this was all just a crazy dream. Just then Kiba started to unzip Naruto's pants and slide them off, while Shikamaru took off the blond's shirts. Naruto was left in his underwear, with a slight bulge forming beneath the fabric. Sasuke bent down and started kissing Naruto. He moved his tongue around in the boy's mouth, creating a mixture of saliva. While the raven-haired boy and Naruto were making out, Kiba pulled off Naruto's underwear, revealing his fully erect cock. Kiba climbed on the bed and removed both his shirt and pants, and then his underwear. Kiba, also sporting a full erection, started rubbing his and Naruto's cocks together. Naruto moaned, but never broke the kissing session he was having with Sasuke. Shika removed all his garments too, including his underwear, and rid Sasuke of his underwear. He knelt down and began sucking Sasuke's hard-on. Sasuke started bucking in Shikamaru's mouth.

After a few minutes, Sasuke removed his tongue from Naruto's mouth. He took his cock out of Shikamaru's mouth, and placed it in Naruto's. "Suck it hard." he ordered, and Naruto graciously complied. He began sucking Sasuke as Shika got up and crawled up on the bed with Kiba. Kiba now spread Naruto's ass cheeks apart and began licking, probing his dog-tongue into Naruto's entrance. Naruto moaned even louder this time, as the dog-boy circled and probed, circled and probed. Kiba stopped and placed his cock at Naruto's entrance and jammed it in, and started to pump Naruto with all his might. Shikamaru grabbed Kiba's butt and lifted it up a bit, and fingered his hole to widen his entrance. Kiba groaned with pleasure. Shikamaru then shoved his dick inside Kiba and started to pound him as well.
Now Naruto had the force of two ninja impaling his ass, and a huge cock in his mouth. Kiba then grabbed Naruto's cock and started rubbing the entire shaft, up and down. This made Naruto go crazy.

Akamaru walked into the bedroom and took his man-beast form and got behind Sasuke. Akamaru spread the raven's cheeks wide and probed him with his extremely muscular and long dog-tongue. Sasuke started to moan in pleasure, as he pumped Naruto's mouth and Akamaru rimmed him. Then, the dog-beast started ramming his thick member up Sasuke's ass, with no prior warning. Sasuke screamed in pleasure; his toes curled in convulsion. The entire group "celebrated" for well over an hour, then Shikamaru exploded in Kiba's ass, filling him with large amounts of cum. Kiba groaned, and shot into Naruto and released his cups of semen deep into the blond's ass. Akamaru gave Sasuke one final slam, all the way into his ass, and Sasuke erupted into Naruto's mouth. Naruto, being shot into at both ends, felt like he was pumped full of cum and erupted in the dog-boy's hand. His semen covered the whole group, and he groaned in ecstasy.

Akamaru pulled out of Sasuke and lapped his cum from inside the raven. He probed a good few inches into the hot, soft flesh. Sasuke screamed in pleasure. Kiba turned around and kissed Shikamaru passionately, who pulled out of Kiba. The two then bent down and licked Naruto clean of his hot cum all over his body. Kiba went back down to Naruto's ass and probed his tongue once more into the blond's ass to slurp up the delicious semen he had pumped into him. Now Shikamaru's cum started to squirt out of Kiba's ass hole and onto his bed sheets.

"So Naruto, was it everything I said it would be?" Shikamaru asked as he began to untie the blond.

"And more!" Naruto panted, "So... what's in store for my next birthday?"


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