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"Only Splashing Water" - Kiba x Naruto

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Pairing: Kiba x Naruto

One hot summer day, Kiba and Naruto were playing in the swimming pool in Kiba's back yard.

"Marco!" Naruto cried.

"Polo!" Kiba echoed.

"Alright, I'm tired of this game." Naruto said, opening his eyes.

"Well then what do ya' wanna play?" asked Kiba.

"I got it! Let me balance on your shoulders and you try to hold me up!"

"Sure!" said Kiba.

So Naruto mounted Kiba's shoulders and balanced on top. Kiba was moving around in the water, trying to get a steady pose, while holding Naruto's thighs to keep him up. Naruto felt Kiba's warm hands on his thighs, and his member twitched a bit.

Kiba felt that twitch and smiled, giggling a bit inside. He moved his hands behind his head and up to Naruto's butt cheeks and started massaging them. Naruto moaned. Kiba felt Naruto's length against the back of his head, and decided to let the blond down. He placed Naruto in the water and kissed him passionately. The two boys kissed and kissed, until Kiba pulled off Naruto's underwear and threw them onto the lawn. He soon did the same with his. Kiba grabbed hold of Naruto's erection and started stroking him up and down his shaft. Naruto groaned in pleasure. Kiba then stuck his finger inside Naruto's ass and began messaging his insides.

Then Kiba stopped stroking Naruto, and positioned himself at the blond's entrance. He slowly entered Naruto, who kept moaning, which turned Kiba on even more. Once he was fully inside Naruto, he began to fuck him a little faster. Naruto's screams of pleasure could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Kiba fucked Naruto furiously and with full force. His ass moved back and forth, and when it came to the side of the pool, his entrance was greeted with a blast of water from the water jet. Kiba groaned from his cock inside Naruto, and the water jet forcing water up his ass. He pounded Naruto even harder.

The two went on for a few hours until Kiba finally cummed inside Naruto. The blond felt like he was going to overflow with the dog-boy's cum. Naruto exploded into the pool. Kiba lifted Naruto up and placed him on the tile on the edge of the pool, and opened his legs wide. He stuck his head in and probed the blond with his tongue; lapping up the cum that filled Naruto's ass. After he was finished, he let Naruto down back into the pool, and Naruto fucked Kiba in an even more exciting hour than the last.

The two looked at each other after their second session, and smiled.


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