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Fill out all the fields below and click SUBMIT to send me your story. I may post it in the FANFIC GALLERY.

*TIP: If you are uploading via a mobile device, you can't always write a lot in text boxes, so utilize the many content boxes to write your story in "chunks". I will still receive it in one piece, so don't worry!

When submitting your story:
- Pairings should be typed as thus: Character 1 x Character 2 x Character 3 (etc.)
- Pairings should be ordered most dominant to least dominant Seme x Uke (etc.)
     -- If certain characters are both seme AND uke ("reversable roles"), then put them in any order you like!
- There is no limit on the number of characters in the pairing (ex. gang-bangs ARE allowed)
- Do not use text-speak (lol, rotfl, omg, lmao, etc.), unless it is a part of your story (ex. a text message)
- Please write in complete sentences. No one likes a sloppy writer.
- If you're not sure about the spelling of a word, do your best to spell it correctly. I don't spell-check submitted stories. (If the spelling is so bad that it hinders reading, I simply won't post it)
- This is a YAOI site. Please submit only YAOI content. (No YURI or other content featuring women)
- Do not alter a female character to BE a male in your story. Sex-changes don't happen overnight. :)
- No shemale characters. This isn't classified as YAOI, and is prohibited.
- No gore. Plain and simple. (Blood is fine if it is part of the story, but excessive descriptions of bloody scenes is not)
- Incase you're wondering, I DO allow bestiality. But I don't except the torturing of animals.
- Keep your title down to about 25-35 characters (including spaces). (ex. "The Meeting of two Boys at the Beach at Night" (45 char.) is definately too long. "Boys at the Beach" (17 char.) is a better one.)
- If possible, write your entire story in the first content box. If you must use more, please go in consecutive order (box 1, box 2, box 3, etc.)

- Remember, I review all submissions. If I find you didn't meet the requirements, I may either:
(1) Adjust your entry to meet the requirements, by changing the title or similar content. I won't rewrite the story, I'll only correct small things outside your story.
(2) Discard and disregard your story. Seriously, if the story itself doesn't meet requirements, than I don't think it deserves to be posted. In this case, I will email you saying your story didn't meet requirements, and I'll tell you which ones you didn't meet.

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