It was a sunny afternoon, and Robin was sitting on the couch reading a book. Beast Boy came in through the doors.

"Hey! What's up?" said Robin.

"Ah, nothing much." replied Beast Boy. "But I just realized something..."

"Yeah? What?" asked Robin.

"I don't GET OUT much, ya' know? All I do is sit and watch TV; I never 'shake things up'!"

"So what are you going to do about it?" inquired Robin.

"Well, I have decided to make this VARIETY WEEK." answered Beast Boy.

"Variety Week?" asked Robin, "As in..."

"Ya' see, every day I'm going to do something different. You know... mix it up!"

"That actually sounds like a good plan, Beast Boy! I'm glad you're taking the initiative to spice up your life!" said Robin.

----- MONDAY -----

The next day, Monday, marked the start of Beast Boy's "Variety Week".

Robin was walking down the halls, when he saw Beast Boy walking towards him. When they were close enough, Beast Boy put out his arm and stopped Robin in the hallway.

"What is it, Beast Boy?" said Robin.

"Today, I'm gonna' try something I've never done before..." said Beast Boy, with his face down.

"Yeah, I know. Your Variety We..." Robin's sentence was interrupted when Beast Boy pressed his lips firmly against Robin's. He just stood there, holding the kiss for a few seconds. Then Beast Boy let go and looked Robin in the eyes. Robin showed a small grin, and Beast Boy returned the smurk. They continued on there separate ways.

"Hmmm..." said Robin to himself, "Mabye this week won't be so bad after all."

----- TUESDAY -----

It was now Tuesday, and Robin was interested to see what Beast Boy was going to do differently today.

Robin was laying on his bed, playing a video game, when Beast Boy entered his room.

"Come into my room," Beast Boy said, "I want to show you something!"

Robin smiled, he knew what was to come. Well... he had a general idea. He followed Beast Boy into his room. Robin stood wide-eyed at the teen's room. Usually, there were boxes and bags thrown all over the place, and it was the messiest room you could ever imagine. Now, it was all clean and tidy.

"Wow! You actually cleaned your room!" Robin cried, "That really is different!"

"Yeah, I know, isn't it? But the BEDROOM is not my "variety" for today." Beast Boy said.

The green teen peeled off his jump suit and helped Robin out of his clothing. He laid the masked teen on the bed.

Beast Boy then transformed into a dog and started licking Robin's hole. He probed with his long tongue, covering the raven-haired teen's entrance with thick dog slobber. After well-lubricating Robin's ass, he put his head up to Robin's cock and engulfed it. Robin moaned, and Beast Boy started to suck and twirl his tongue around the boy's shaft.

Just about when Robin was ready to reach his peak, Beast Boy stopped and nudged Robin to lay on the floor. He got face down on the floor, and Beast Boy came up behind him and inserted his 10 inch canine cock into Robin's hole.

"Ahhh!" Robin screamed.

Beast Boy slowly inserted himself fully, and then pulled out partially. He went back in, and continued to impale the raven-haired teen lying on the floor of the bedroom. Shouts and moans and groans could be heard throughout the Titan's Tower. Beast Boy kept pounding Robin against the floor of his room, until Beast Boy swelled inside Robin.

"Oh, GOD!" Robin cried.

The swelling of Beast Boy's cock inside him was the most amazing feeling. Beast Boy then cummed inside Robin. Robin moaned as he was filled with cum. Beast Boy waited until his cock had shrunk back down, and then pulled out of Robin. He then simply walked out of the room, leaving the now satisfied Robin naked (and leaking...) on the floor.

----- WEDNESDAY -----

Wednesday, the third day of Beast Boy's special week, had arrived. Now Robin was quite intrigued what Beast Boy had in store for him today.

Robin had decided to go outside and tan in the sun chairs by the pool, located behind Titan's Tower. He removed his clothes and slipped on a pair of black speedos. He grabbed a towel and sunglasses, then headed outside. He laid his towel on the sun chair and was about to sit down when Beast Boy popped out of the pool.

"Hey, Robin!" yelled Beast Boy, "Come on in, the water's great!"

Robin smiled; he liked where this was going. He jumped into the pool and was immediately put on the back of Beast Boy, in dolphin-form. He swam around the pool, carrying Robin on his back. Then, all of a sudden, Beast Boy dove down into the depths of the Titan Pool, with Robin still hanging on to his back. It was a good thing Robin had trained for underwater fights; he could hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes straight.

Robin lost hold of Beast Boy, and he was just floating in one spot; looking around for the dolphin. Then, Beast Boy darted at Robin head-on, and tore a hole in his speedos. Beast Boy stuck his nose into Robin's hole and scissored his entrance open, to prepare for what was in store. Robin, with his friend's dolphin-nose scissoring his hole, immediately sprouted an erection. He took out his dick and started masturbating while Beast Boy was working on his hole.

Beast Boy removed his nose and presented his enormous, erect, dolphin dick to Robin. It was well over a foot, as dolphin's members are usually much larger than those of humans. Beast Boy inserted his huge cock into Robin's worked hole. The raven-haired teen convulsed at the pleasure of the huge dick inside of his small, tight buttocks.

Beast Boy worked his way slowly into the teen. Once he was all the way in, he started to quicken his pace. Robin was lost in ecstasy. Beast Boy kept pumping the boy with his huge dick; thrusting it in and out of his tight ass. Robin continued to be fucked by the green dolphin until Beast Boy swelled inside Robin, and shot his cum up into the teen's ass. Robin himself then ejaculated into the water. The powerful ass-fucking had left Robin with a cherry-red hole. He swam up to the surface and collapsed onto the tile. His ass was still half-way in the pool, and his entrance started to leak Beast Boy's cum. Beasty Boy came up behind Robin and stuck his nose/mouth in his hole once again and licked up the warm, sticky cum he had deposited within his friend.

"Ohhhhh!" cried Robin. His hole was still sensitive from the fucking.

Beast Boy dove down to the bottom of the pool, shot up into the air, and transformed pack into his human self on the tile. He looked at his friend leaning against the side of the pool; recollecting what had happened. He smiled.

"See you tomorrow, Robin!" shouted Beast Boy. He turned back around and entered the Titan Tower.

Robin was amazed. Beast Boy's little "scenes" were getting wilder and more outragious with each passing day. He hoped they wouldn't get too out of hand.

----- THURSDAY -----

Robin was slightly paranoid, but not in a bad way. With every corner he turned and every room he entered, he had no idea if Beast Boy would appear to him. It was almost maddening, but hey: he wasn't complaining.

It was already 10:00 am, and no sign of Beast Boy. Robin peaked in the kitchen. There were dirty plates on the counter, and remnants of tofu wrappers and all-soy sausages... apparently Beast Boy had already eaten breakfast.

Robin headed into the Titan's indoor training arena.

"Since I can't seem to find Beast Boy," said Robin, "I might as well work on my fighting skills."

Robin started to practice. He started throwing punches into the air, and kicked up above his head. Then he heard a noise from the opposite corner of the arena. It was Beast Boy... and he was a bull this time. Apparently Beast Boy wasn't fooling around this time, his cock was already at full attention, and it was massive. He focused in on Robin, and brushed his hooves against the dirt floor of the arena.

"Oh God." Robin's jaw dropped. He was really in for it this time.

Beast Boy charged and was headed straight for Robin. Robin could do nothing but just stand there. Beast Boy came up to Robin and knocked him down. He tore off all his clothing with his teeth, and positioned himself at the teen's puckered entrance. Beast Boy plunged into Robin.

"AHHHHHHHH!" screamed Robin.

Beast Boy screamed at the top of his lungs (or whatever you'd call it if a bull did that), and started impaling Robin against the ground. Robin had a hard time staying in one place; the force of Beast Boy's fucking was really powerful. The bull kept on pounding Robin, sliding his huge dick in and out of the teen.

"Beast Boy! I LOVE THIS!!!!!" Robin cried.

Beast Boy lost it. He started fucking Robin like he never thought possible. He went faster and harder; impaling Robin like he's always wanted to.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Robin.

Beast Boy cummed violently in Robin's ass. The force of his ejaculation made Robin feel like he was being blown up like a balloon. He liked it, and he exploded onto Beast Boy's face.

The two just stayed where they were for a few minutes. Then Beast Boy transformed back into a human, and left the arena.

Robin was astounded. That was the best feeling he's ever experienced in his entire life. He couldn't even sleep that night, wondering what was in store tomorrow.

----- FRIDAY -----

Apparently Beast Boy had made his "Variety Week" only include the weekdays, so today was it. The last day.

Robin was excited and awake, even though he hadn't slept the night before. He poured himself a cup of coffee. Black. He took a sip. RING! RING! It was the door bell. He set down his cup and went to go see who it was at the door. He opened the front door and there they were: Beast Boy and Aqualad.

"Hi Aqualad!" said Robin.

"There he is, dude! Robin's the guy we're BOTH gonna' have fun with today!" Beast Boy told Aqualad.

Robin stared blankly at the two. He gulped.