It was a cool autumn afternoon, and Naruto was quietly laying on his bed. He traced the shadows on the wall as people were passing outside the window opposite. He sighed.

"Geesh... I'm so bored!" Naruto let out.

Suddently, he heard a knock at the front door. He sprang up to see who it was. He opened the door quickly. It was Kiba.

"Hiya Naruto!" exclaimed the dog-boy.

"Arfff!" barked Akimaru out of Kiba's jacket.

"Hi Kiba! Wanna' come inside?" Naruto asked happily.

"Well... um. Sure?!" he said, rather shocked at the boy's perkiness.

Kiba stepped inside the blond's house and shut the door. Akamaru jumped from Kiba's jacket and landed on the carpeted entryway. Kiba smiled at the pup and looks around the room.

"Wow! This place looks a lot different than the last time I was here! Did you move stuff around?"

"Yeah! I do it all the time." Naruto said, "It gives me something to do."

"What do ya' mean?"

"I'm just sayin' I get a little lonely here. I don't go out much, 'cept for ramen every once in a while. And nobody really comes over here for anything."

"Well if it makes ya' feel any better, I'll stay here for a few hours!" exclaimed Kiba.

"You'd do that? Thanks Kiba!"

Naruto ran up and embraced Kiba, whose face immediately blushed. After a second of akwardness, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment; he pictured in his mind Naruto, moving his hand up and down Kiba's chest--taking off his jacket, then pulling off his shir...

"Hey! Wanna' watch some TV?" Naruto suddenly asked.

"Huh? Wa? Uh... Sure. Why not?!" "Come on Akamaru!"

Akamaru turned around and trotted behind Kiba and Naruto as they entered the living room. Kiba fell back on the comfy couch positioned right infront of the television.

"Want anything Kiba? Something to drink or a snack?"

"Nah! I'll just have some water."

Akamaru made a small yip. "Oh yeah! I think Akamaru wants some too!" Kiba shouted.

"Two waters, comin' up!"

Naruto opened the refrigerator door and grabbed two bottles of mineral water. He closed the door and grabbed a small bowl from the cupboard.

"Here ya' go!" Naruto said.

Naruto tossed the bottle of water to Kiba, who expertly caught it with one hand. Naruto set the dish down in front of Akamaru and poured half of the other bottle into it and set the rest on the kitchen counter. Akamaru started lapping up the water. The blond snatched the remote from the side table, turned the TV on, and sat down next to Kiba.

The two watched TV for a few hours, until a commercial appeared on the screen...


"Oh!" Naruto shouted, "I love that place!"

"Really?! I didn't know you liked spas or anything like that."

"Oh yes! I love to get the full body rub; with their special massage oil!"

Kiba saw Naruto leave the room and come back with a small bottle of oil.

"This is it right here! Not only does it feel good, but smell it..."

Naruto flipped the cap open and Kiba sniffed the lid.

"YUM! It smells kinda' like berries!"

"Yeah, I know! I just wish I could go there again, but it's such a long walk to get there."

"You know, Naruto... mabye... I could give... give you... a massage." Kiba stuttered.

"Really?! Well alright then!" Naruto agreed.

Naruto handed Kiba the bottle of oil and took off his shirt and threw it to the corner of the room.

"Do you want me to do your legs too? You said you like the full body rub!" Kiba asked, smiling big inside.

"Sure! That sounds much better!"

So Naruto unzipped his pants and slid them off and threw them on top of his shirt. Kiba was left staring at the sexy blond. The only thing keeping him from a full view was Naruto's boxer shorts. "Dam!" Thought Kiba, "Why couldn't he have been wearing briefs?!"

"Okay! I'm ready!" said Naruto as he laid face down on the floor.

Kiba poured some of the scented oil into his hands and rubbed them to get his palms evenly coated. He knelt down with Naruto between his knees and started to rub his neck.

"Oh! That feels so good!" Naruto whimpered.

Kiba felt his member twitch. He paused slightly, but then resumed rubbing the blond's neck. He then moved down a bit to the middle of Naruto's back.

"Oh yeah! That's the spot! Right there!"

Kiba's started to get hard. He continued massaging Naruto and moved downward until he was at the hem of the boy's shorts. He was anxious, yet nervous. What if Naruto wasn't comfortable? What if Naruto didn't like Kiba the way he loved Naruto? He stopped, and then moved to the boy's legs; working the inside of his thighs, still with a lot of oil on his hands.

"Ohhh..." Naruto whimpered even softer.

Kiba couldn't take it any longer. He slowly moved his hand toward Naruto's ass, still pushing and pulling his delicate skin. He put his hands underneath the fabric of the boxers and started massaging Naruto's hole.

"Oh God!" Naruto whispered to himself.

Kiba continued rubbing the boy's hole, and soon removed his hand, flipped the boy over, and pulled blond's boxers from his waist. He quickly discarded them by the rest of his clothes. Naruto felt the air blow across his semi-erect member.

"Now where were we?" Kiba asked rhetorically.

He grabbed the bottle of oil and poured a bit more in his hands; once again rubbing them together before working on the blond. He spread Naruto's butt cheeks wide and pushed in and out with his thumb. Naruto groaned in pleasure as Kiba's finger massaged his entrance. Kiba took out his thumb and put in his middle finger and began massaging Naruto's inside. Naruto writhed in pleasure, but Kiba held him down with his other arm. Kiba grabbed Naruto's erection and licked it--from the base all the way up the shaft--and Naruto shuddered at the action. He put it inside his mouth and began sucking on Naruto's length, while still probing him with his finger.

"Oh! Kiba!" Naruto shouted.

Kiba added a second finger, and Naruto gasped at how tight it felt. Kiba massaged Naruto's insides, and added a third finger.

"Ahh!" Naruto shouted.

"Don't worry, Naruto!" Kiba said softly, "It'll feel good..."

Kiba then removed his fingers. He rubbed the oil on his own cock, and then on Naruto's entrance. He positioned himself accordingly, with his cock just barely touching Naruto's hole.

"Are you ready?"


Kiba pushed his 10 inch cock into Naruto fully. The boy yelped in pain, but then it turned into groans of pleasure. The dog-boy pounded the blond fast and furious, pumping him with his entire length. The room was soon filled with sounds of panting and moaning. With a few more thrusts, Naruto shouted, "I'm goin' to cum!" He reached his climax and spewed his seed all over Kiba's face. His ass tightened around Kiba's own cock and caused him to cum inside of Naruto's ass.

"Ohh... Your cum feels so good inside me!" Naruto moaned.

Kiba pulled out himself out of Naruto and licked the cum off his face. He then gets up, but only to reposition himself by Naruto's face.

"You thought it was wonderful... right?" Kiba asked.

"The best thing I've ever felt in my life!" Naruto said.

"How 'bout another round then?"

"But how do you..."

*MAN BEAST TIJUTSU!!* Now Kiba is positioned at Naruto's head, and the man-beast Akamaru at Naruto's entrance.

"Let's see if we can't have even more fun!" Kiba laughed. Naruto chuckled mildly, knowing what was to come.

Akamaru licked Naruto's entrance, and probed his tongue inside his wet hole, still full of Kiba's cum.

"Oh yes!!!" Naruto shouted.

Then Akamaru fully inserted himself into Naruto, all 9 inches (a boy and his dog alike...). Akamaru, with his canine strength and endurance, pumped Naruto even fiercer than Kiba had. While Akamaru was busy pounding Naruto, Kiba had put his once again erect cock into Naruto's mouth. Naruto felt amazement as he sucked Kiba's giant cock and took Akamaru's up his ass. This threesome went about for a full hour, until finally Akamaru howled and finally came inside the twice-filled blond. Naruto felt as though he was overflowing with semen and erupted right then and there, squirting his cum all over himself and part of Kiba. Kiba face-fucked Naruto a few more times before blowing his load into the boy's mouth. Naruto was happy to swallow every last drop.

Kiba then went pack to Naruto's ass and together with Akamaru, probed the blond's hole with their tongues, lapping up the semen they both had filled the boy with. Naruto was still lost in ecstasy, even after climax, with the two dog-boys lapping at his hole.

Then Kiba took Naruto's hand and lifted him up onto his feet. Akamaru turned back into his dog form, and Kiba just smiled at Naruto.

"So," Kiba asked, smiling, "how was THAT massage compared to the ones at the spa?"

"I don't know," Naruto smirked, "We might have to do it one more time, just to make sure."

So they "scheduled" another "massage appointment" for the next evening. Except this one was at Kiba's house...