"Whoohoo!!" yelled Johnny, as he skateboarded his way through Porkbelly. He raced past the grocery store, and the gas station. He swiped past Gil so fast, he twirled around.

"EWWW!!!" screamed Gil, "Johnny, dude, you wreak of B.O., man!"

"B.O.?" said Johnny, still racing down the sidewalk, "What's B.O.?"

No sooner had he asked himself that question, he slammed right into a street sign.

"Huh?" Johhny thought to himself as he rubbed his head and got up, "I used to be able to skateboard right under that sign. What's up with that?"

After hitting his head, Johnny decided to go home. When he got inside he took off his shoes, and started to walk into the kitchen.

"Johnny, I..." his dad started to say, "OHHH, Johnny! You wreak! Go upstairs and take a shower, NOW!"

Johnny turned around and headed up the stairs. He went into the bathroom, and turned the water on. He got undressed and hopped in the shower. He shampooed his flaming-colored hair, and scrubbed his chest, arms, and legs. Then he started to lather his hands with soap and wash his armpits.

"What? I never had hair there before!" Johnny said.

He resumed scrubbing himself, and when went to wash his... private area... he stopped. "AHH!! I DEFINATELY DIDN'T HAVE HAIR THERE EITHER!" Johnny cried.

After his little "episode", he stepped out of the shower, and dried his hair with a towel. Then, he wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked out of the bathroom, and into his bedroom.

"Oh hi Johnny!" said Dukey, smiling.

"Dukey! I had the weirdest day!" said Johnny. "First, Gil said I had 'B.O.', whatever that is, and I hit a sign that I usually just go right under!"

"Johnny, it seems like you've hit puberty!"


"You know; you get a little taller, you stink alot, and you get hair in weird places."

"Like your armpits and your..."

"Yes, Johnny. Your private area. Oh, and another thing..."

"Yeah?" asked Johnny.

"Do you know what 'masturbating' is, Johnny?"

"No. What is it?"

"Well, when you go through puberty, you start to feel things down in your private area. And some guys find it enjoyable and stress-releasing to do what's called 'masturbate'."

"So what is 'masturbating', exactly?"

"Well, Johnny, it goes like this..."

------- 1 hour or so later -------

"Oh... I get it. So it's like sex, but by yourself." Johnny said.

"Yeah, you got it!" Dukey answered.

"So how does SEX work?"

"Well, Johnny, it's like this..."

------- another hour or so later -------

"Oh... I see. So can 2 guys have sex?" asked Johnny.

"Well, sure! Of course, you don't get a baby out of it, but it's almost the same as when girls and guys do it." Dukey explained.

"So how do I know if I like guys or girls?" Johnny asked.

"Well, usually you get nervous or get an erection when you are close to somebody you like sexually."

"Well, I've been around some guys and that's happened to me."

"Do you feel like you'd be happy 'dating' a boy?"

"Well, I haven't really thought about it, but sure!"

"Do you wanna see what it feels like to have SEX with another guy?" asked Dukey, blushing slightly.

"Ddd...ukkey? Hooww would th...aaat work?" said Johnny, stuttering.

"Well, Johnny, I AM a 'guy' dog. I may not be a human, but it's close enough to teach you about sex."

"Well, okay Dukey. I trust you." said Johnny, agreeing.

"Okay then. First, you need to get naked."

Dukey walked over to Johnny and grabbed his towel with his mouth and yanked it off. Johnny's 9-inch cock appeared, hanging down.

"Wow! Johnny, you're growing REALLY fast!" said Dukey, staring at the teen's large cock.

Dukey licked Johnny's dick from the base and continued to the head. Johnny moaned, and then Dukey engulfed Johnny's dick and began sucking at the teen's member. Johnny got hard almost immediately.

"Oh!!! Dukey!" cried Johnny. "It feels so good!!!"

Dukey continued to give Johnny his first blowjob, and then stopped a few minutes later.

"Aww! Dukey! That felt amazing!" Johnny said.

"That's not even the best part, Johnny!" Dukey said. "Lie down on your bed, stomach down."

Johnny did as he was told. Dukey spread the teen's butt cheeks apart and began licking his hole. Johnny spasmed at the sensation Dukey was giving him. Then, Dukey moved under Johnny, so his throbbing cock was at Johnny's face.

"Now suck my cock, Johnny." Dukey said.

Johnny started to suck Dukey's 11-inch cock. He really liked it, and began to go faster on his dog's cock. Meanwhile, Dukey licked one of his fingers and inserted it into Johnny's entrance. Johnny moaned loudley, and Dukey proceeded inserting fingers. Once he had 3 fingers wiggling inside his friend's hole, he removed them, got out from under Johnny, and walked over to Johnny's dresser. He opened a drawer and got out a bottle of lotion, and coated his hands with it. He returned to Johnny and lubricated his ass hole, while covering his own dick in the oily lotion. He then placed his own dick at the boy's entrance.

"This is called a 'fuck', Johnny. And it can get pretty rough." Dukey warned.

"That's okay, Dukey. I trust you completely." Johnny smiled.

Dukey plunged his 11-inch cock into the teen. Johnny moaned loudly, and Dukey pulled his dick back out. He then pushed it in again and made Johnny quiver. He continued to fuck Johnny; going faster and faster, harder and harder, pounding into the flaming-haired teen.

Then, Dukey swelled up inside Johnny.

"Ahhh!!! Dukey!!" Johnny cried in ecstacy.

Dukey cummed inside Johnny's ass, and then pulled out. Johnny rolled over on his back, and had cum leaking out of his stretched ass.

"Dukey, that was amazing!" Johnny said.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Johnny! We can do it anytime you want!" Dukey replied, smiling...

------- And guess what Johnny and Dukey did together... every day after school? -------